Jigsaw Puzzle Room


A group of people find themselves chained in a dark maze, where every step and every decision can make the difference between life and death.

They were chosen for an intriguing escape game and thrown into a unique adventure full of adrenaline and mystery orchestrated by the ingenious mind of Jigsaw.

A grave voice echoes through the darkened rooms, revealing the rules of the game to participants and setting in motion a chilling tale of survival. A poisonous gas fills their rooms, and in order to escape alive, players must find the antidote within 60 minutes.

A sealed door stands between them and this antidote. Players must work together to find the key to the door. The antidote gives them a 45 minute bonus, but requires a sacrifice.

Light is a real treasure in the darkness that envelops the room… communication, intelligence and reaction speed are your weapons against Jigsaw!



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Difficulty 9/10
Time 60/105 minutes
Team 4 - 12 pers
Exploration 40%
Logic 80%
Perception 80%

*Happy Hour:  14.00, Wednesday to Friday.

*Prices shown are per person. 


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