Maniac Room


You may be wondering… What happened to you? Why? And where are you locked up? Are you alone? Could someone help you?

You have been kidnapped by the Maniac… a maniac of torture but also a maniac of riddles and logic games! You were brought and locked up, one by one, in the warehouse of a former museum, at the end of the world. Here, you will be tortured by the Maniac at his pleasure! In vain you scream for help, here no one hears you and no one helps you… But, first, you will be subjected to a test of perspicacity! So far, no one has passed this test… Maybe you will succeed!

The maniac offers you a chance to escape and, implicitly… to a new life! For that, instead, you have to communicate and organize yourself very well, to discover hidden clues and quickly solve the challenges. With attention, logic and skill you may solve all the riddles and logic games. Good luck and… Escape if you can!

But, I’m confident in all of you and I hope that you will succeed.

I wish you all good luck, have great fun and…



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Terms and Conditions

Difficulty 9/10
Time 90 minutes
Team of 3 - 6 pers
Exploration 40%
Logic 70%
Perception 50%

* Happy Hour: Monday to Friday, from 14:00 to 15:30

* Prices are for one person


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This room was designed for a minimum of 3 adults or 4 children!  Children ages 7 to 11 inclusive may participate in escape games only accompanied by an adult!